Here’s the message from Sunni for the project we built for her in 2020.

I had recently lost the love of my life, my husband of 37 1/2 years. Our next door neighbors who had been good friends for the majority of that time, turned on a dime when my husband died. They became extremely hostile toward me. I finally couldn’t take not having a fence between us. I called around for quotes.

A fence wasn’t something I could really afford, but I couldn’t afford not to have one installed.

Rain City Fence was one of the company’s I called for a quote. Caleb came out and assessed the project area. We were just talking I told him about my husband passing and the horrible problem with my neighbors. He asked me if my husband had been in the military. I said, “yes, the Navy.” He went to his truck to figure out the numbers. When he returned, he said, “we’re going to do your fence for FREE.” “We’re doing one free fence for a Vet a year and you are going to be this year’s chosen one. I started crying and hugged him! I told him it was the first positive thing that had happened in a very long time, since since Joel died. I couldn’t believe it was real! Well, it was. I have the most beautiful 6′ tall fence between my nasty neighbors and I now. I am comfortable going out in my back yard. I am forever grateful to Caleb at Rain City Fence for for being my earth angel and to my husband Joel for being my heavenly angel involved in making this FREE fence possible.

Forever grateful
Sunni Rudd*