We rebuilt a section of Mariana and Steve Ritchie’s fence at their West Seattle property. Steve was feeling pretty down with the covid restrictions so I though they would be a good couple to rebuild their fence for free.

You can read about the Ritchie’s here: generalsteveritchie.com

Here’s the message Mariana wrote:

We met Caleb by chance. We were at a low point during the Covid restrictions which were unusually hard on veterans with PTSD including my husband.

A section of our fence was falling into the neighbor’s yard and no company seemed interested in fixing it.

Caleb showed up on time with such a refreshing, positive “can do” attitude! We knew he was the right person for the job before he even gave us a price.

Within the hour we got a message from Caleb saying that not only would he repair the fence, but he’d do it for no charge because my husband is a veteran! 
That’s when all the bottled up frustrations, struggles and tears came pouring out for me! It had been a long 2 years!

Caleb restored our faith in mankind at a time when we needed it the most!

He fixed the fence in 2 hrs with a special cement that hardens quickly. The others all required 4-5 days!

And that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship! We hope they’ll expand their business outside of W. Seattle.